Ernie Ball 2844, Super Slinky, Stainless Steel Electric Bass Strings, (45-100) Gauge


Brighter tone and longer life

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SKU: EBL-P02844


If you’re looking for brighter tone and longer life from your bass strings, then step up to the power of steel. These strings are crisp, tonally balanced, and naturally anti-corrosive to stand up to the most demanding conditions. Each string’s hexagonal core is made from a tin-plated high-carbon steel to maximize string life without compromising tone. An outer roundwound stainless steel layer gives these strings a liveliness that virtually jumps off the fingerboard, along with natural corrosion-resistant properties to promote long-lasting great tone without resorting to coatings. Finally, ball ends are made from precision-cut brass wire and are color-coded for easy identification, providing a precise nonslip bridge fit while reducing the chance of user error during string changes.

  • Brighter tone and longer life
  • Made from stainless steel wire wrapped around tin plated hex shaped steel core wire
  • Provide brighter tone and longer string life due to stainless steels inherent anti-corrosive properties
  • Gauges .045, .065, .080, .100


Pack weight 145 g